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Scott Hill, Head Shot


My name is Scott Hill and I am a “professional” cross country ski racer. I put professional in quotes because it refers more to my approach to the sport and not necessarily my income. I do it because I love the pursuit of self improvement it requires. I grew up in Toronto playing every sport I could and was a weekend skier through highschool with Team Hardwood in Barrie. I was inspired to pursue the sport further after watching Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw compete at the 2012 Canadian Championships. That same year I moved up to Thunder Bay to join the National Training Center and enroll in the kinesiology program at Lakehead University.

My Story

I want to share my knowledge and experience as an elite athlete to help others find enjoyment in trying to reach their potential in sport. 

After several years in Thunder Bay I moved out to Canmore, Alberta, where I currently live and train. Over the course of my ski career, I have been lucky enough to represent Canada internationally, learn from some great coaches and have some of the world's best ski racers as mentors. I have also had many seasons where I have been self-coached with the pursuit of trying to put all my experience into practice which I have found extremely fun and rewarding. I’m a lifelong athlete and love the process of learning and improving in all aspects of sport. It’s my drug and my therapy all at the same time.


Coaching Philosophy:

It’s not necessarily about what you do, it's how you do it.


Favourite race distance and why?: 

I love a 30k or 50k mass start. I like races with head-to-head competition where the fittest and toughest athletes usually come out on top.


Results: My two best results so far would be 2018 National Champion in the 10k Classic and 34th in the 15k Classic at 2019 World Championships.


A sports highlight:

Seeing Alex Harvey win the world championships in 2017 was inspiring because I was lucky enough to see his process, commitment and mindset during a few training camps that got him to that point. Also, as a Toronto boy, the 2019 Raptors championship run was something I’ll never forget.


Athlete Moment:

Qualifying for the 2019 World Championships because it is the closest I’ve got to a perfect lead-up and race execution. I found it incredibly rewarding to see the hard work, mindset and preparation pay off more than the result itself.


Favourite place to ski:

Silverstar, BC


Preferred training mode:


Even though I’m a skier, I love to run. I love being able to leave from the door and hop on the single track behind my house in Canmore. For me running is my time to think, and training aside is a great way to either start or finish my day. I love either a long trail run in the mountains or some quiet dirt road km repeats.


Coaching Moment:

Seeing younger athletes that I’ve worked with at training camps be inspired to work hard has been rewarding.


Talking shop and selling shoes and ski gear at Strides Running Store in Canmore.



Lakehead University Kinesiology



Podcast: Citius Mag


TV Series: Team Ingebrigtsen


Currently Residing (City/town) – Canmore, AB

Hometown - Toronto

Home Ski Club – Team Hardwood

Current ski team – Alpine Insurance World Cup Academy

Years in Sport – It feels like my whole life

Other sports and activities: Running, Ski Touring, Cycling, Men’s League Soccer (I can get into any sport, really)

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