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About First Lap Coaching

OK! Everyone Ready? The First Lap. 2-1-GO!

The First Lap offers year-round and in-season coaching for cross-country skiers. Our coaches can support all levels of skiers, from beginners to competitive racers. 

The First Lap invites you to return for the first lap. Our programs and clinics are designed for enjoyment and fun, to develop your skiing skills, improve your fitness and ultimately sustain your participation in winter sports and year-round training and physical activity.

The First Lap is a coaching service branch of Canadian Wintersports.

Below is our Mission Statement

The First Lap Coaching

Our Mission

Free individuals and communities to be more physically active in outdoor winter sports.


Collaborate and Co-create with communities to Innovate and Re-design programs for 

Successful and Sustained sports, physical activity and recreation participation.

Our Purpose

Inspire and support enjoyable and regular physical activity and sports experiences for elevated individual well-being and community health.


Our Vision

Active, vibrant, and inclusive sports communities with excellent resources and a diversity of exciting options that support people to remain physically active year-round and life-long.

Engagement   -   Belonging   -   Diversity   -   Increased Health-Span     -   Joy

Our Values

What we stand for: 

  • Accessible, safe and inclusive sport and recreation.

  • Everyone is capable. Broad participation with creative, supported options.

  • Community Health, Wellbeing and Belonging.


In our work we:

  1. Partner to improve sport and recreation: 

“Collaborating with people so together we can thrive.”

  1. Design for sustainable, safe, challenging, and supportive work and play environments.

  2. Embrace action and promote progress.

  3. Respect all participants. This value is visible through our excellence in leadership and coaching.

  4. Innovate. Play with ideas, and have a good time - to create something great.

Listen, problem-set, and collaborate to uncover compelling solutions, innovate, and create new possibilities.

Our Strategy

We will Increase Participation:

  • Through partnerships and collaborations that support participation and promote healthy lifelong engagement in sport, physical activity and recreation;

  • through sustainable programming that optimizes athlete development, supports excellence in performance, and retains people in sport;

  • by offering services in all communities across Canada through online and in-person coaching for individuals, groups, and teams;

  • through innovative programs that provide access to equipment for clubs, groups, and individuals.

We will Support participants and coaches:

  • through innovative coaching programs customized to the participants and their environmental context;

  • through education and support services for coaches, participants, and organizations;

  • by providing community groups and clubs with equipment and materials, including lower-cost options, for individuals to participate in sports and recreation;

  • through educational opportunities for coaches, participants, and parents; 

  • by challenging the athlete-development discourse, our beliefs, practices, and behaviours.

Examine how we know things and have the courage to do things differently.

We will Achieve Better through

  • better coaching - effective, ethical, and evidence-based coaching and program design;

  • better retention - with more options and improved support;

  • better access - through community partnerships and collaboration to use     facilities and benefit from existing funding partners (e.g. KidSport Canada);

  • consistency and sustainability of training/physical activity leading to continued enjoyment and engagement in sports, physical activity, and recreation.

What we will do:

  • Provide multi-activity coaching, with a Cross-Country Skiing focus, to individuals and groups both online and in-person;

  • create better sports and recreation experiences that include everyone and that promote and sustain participation in community sports for all ages - from first exposure for children, youth, and adults; in both recreational or competitive settings;

  • work with groups and clubs to co-create and deliver programs that focus on healthy sport, physical activity and recreational participation;

  • design effective multi-activity programs that support athlete development and sustain engagement and participation in sport and recreation;

  • deliver dynamic, interactive coach development sessions;

  • support the increase of University skiers in Canada and establish a Post-Collegiate ski team.


"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." (Maya Angelou)


We will strive to coach, design programs, and partner with others to create a positive sports culture and a healthy environment so that participants will find joy in their sports participation.

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