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Announcement - XC Ottawa and Canadian Wintersports Partnership

The XC Ottawa Race Team has been an inspiring team for many years. Formed in 2001, this team has contributed greatly to the ski community in Ottawa as well as Nationally. The team has helped many post-university and training centre athletes continue to train and compete in cross-country skiing. (Founding athletes Megan McTavish and Karl Saidla are still racing. They are currently living in Estonia.) In addition to sustaining the participation of older athletes, XC Ottawa has collaborated with the Carleton University varsity team, creating an excellent training environment for all athletes.

Canadian Wintersports is very excited about this partnership and the potential of continued participation in ski racing as athletes, coaches or support staff. Interested? Please get in touch.

Join us: ...

We are looking for racers, volunteers and staff.

  1. Racers - U20, Varsity, Senior and Masters

  2. Staff - Wax Techs, Coaches, Assistant Coaches

  3. Volunteers - Wax Techs, Trip Planners, Fundraising, Sport Management.

For more information and to express your interest in the team, please contact Kevin Shields at:

Dispersed Race Team Model Athletes, staff and volunteers can join us from anywhere in Canada or the world. What we offer:

  1. Race waxing and coaching support.

  2. Camps and training opportunities.

  3. Individual and group coaching.

Note: Athletes with a personal coach or club coach are welcome to join our team for races and additional training opportunities. XC Ottawa Training Group In 2023 XC Ottawa will offer an Ottawa-Gatineau-based training group. The group will be coached by Kevin Shields and will collaborate with the two University Team programs in Ottawa (the University of Ottawa, coached by Sheila Kealey, and Carleton University, coached by Kevin Shields). Race Events The Team Race event schedule will reflect the make-up of the team; however, we are committed to Canada Cup, Trials and Nationals. Additional events to be considered are US races, Loppets and local races. In upcoming posts will outline program options.

Again, please get in touch!


Kevin Shields

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