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Coaches' Picks: Ski wax and gear for the best time outside

The right gear and waxing products will make your winter ski outings more enjoyable. The First Lap coaches are athletes who ski a lot and have accumulated product knowledge and experience over the many years of enjoying skiing - in all conditions. So I thought sharing product recommendations from them would generate a decent list of essential or, at least, useful products or ideas for you to enjoy your skiing this winter. Below are their top recommendations, but we would also like to hear from you. What are the go-to items that allow you to get outdoors through the winter? (Comment Below!)

Kevin's Picks

Vauhti GW Glide Wax: "An economical paraffin wax for temperatures below -2C" is precisely what I like about this wax. I have good training skis without having to re-wax if the temperature fluctuates.

Here is a similar product in an even more economical version:


AirTrim cold weather mask: I use this mask for skiing and running when the temperatures drop. It allows me to train consistently through cold winter spells. Cold, dry air is warmed and humidified, protecting my lungs and warming my body.

Hannah's Picks

Swenor Rollerski Ferrule Sharpener

I have seen far too many people content with dull tips slipping poles when roller skiing. Taking the time to sharpen your tips can change a roller ski from “meh” to “yeah!”

Vauhti GS Carrot Hardwax: 45g (-1/16C)

If you have Vauhti Carrot but find that it can sometimes be too slow, speed it up by topping it with

Rex Basic Blue Hardwax: 45g (-2/-8C)

Or the other way around, stick a layer or two of Vauhti Carrot over Rex Blue to sure up your grip.

Rode FiberTex:

Ski bases get dirtier than you realize. Brushing them out doesn't always cut it. FiberTex will reveal all the dirt and wax buildup on the base of your ski. Use with brushes for the best result.

Alex's Picks

Swix aerosol base cleaner:

Keeping bases clean between sessions will keep skis speedy and wax technicians happy. The convenience of a spray bottle is a bonus.

Zandstra Nordic Skates:

Are a fun way to explore the canal and a fantastic means of active transportation through the winter months in addition to cross-country skiing.

Andy's Picks (Owner of Canadian Wintersports)

Rode RXL Cold, Liquid Glide Wax:

Andy lives in Thunder Bay. That is a fairly cold and dry climate. He likes the Rode RL cold, a liquid fluoro-free wax. Andy said it "won a glide test last week!"

Rode Glide Kit:

Pick number two is actually a kit. Andy's big on the value of these kits."All you need for fast fluoro-free race skis! This kit comes with all three RL liquids from Rode. Glide cleaner and fiber paper are used to maintain clean bases. The Nylon brush is for buffing and polishing after applying the RL liquids."

I hope you found these recommendations from The First Lap Coaches useful. Do you agree with them? How about your favourite product recommendations? Send them to us! Use the comment section below. Thanks. Happy skiing.

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