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The Masters Athlete Experience: Living and Competing as Your Authentic Self

(this is a free event or provide a donation)

Mile2Marathon and The First Lap Coaching are excited to collaborate on a speaker series to promote health, wellness and knowledge sharing for endurance athletes.

The Masters Athlete Experience: Living and Competing as your Authentic Self

Dr. Bradley Young will share his perspective on the Masters Athlete Experience based on his research and collaborations with athletes and Masters sport organizations around the world. Drawing on his research, his consulting, and his study of the psychology of serious-minded Masters athletes, this talk will invite you to consider your own meanings, merits, and motives for pursuing an adult sport lifestyle. What does it mean to live your authentic self through Masters sport? This talk aims to motivate you to train and compete by sharing the secrets of those who have made adult sport a healthy priority, and by provoking you to consider your own reasons for being an adult athlete.

Dr. Young is an internationally renowned scholar in the domain of Masters sport, focusing on the psychology of sport among middle-aged and older adults. He consults with sport organizations on the nature of a Quality Masters Sport Experience and on curriculum for coaching adults. As a professional Mental Performance Consultant, he works with adult athletes to help them compete and maintain sport as a priority in their busy lives. He has served as an advisor to the Coaching Association of Canada, Active Aging Canada, and ParticipACTION Canada on topics pertaining to Masters athletes and sport literacy among older adults. He is a Full Professor in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Young is the author of Coaching Masters Athletes: Advancing Research and Practice in Adult Sport

Mile2Marathon is a run coaching company founded by Olympians Michael Woods and Dylan Wykes.

The First Lap is a cross-country skiing coaching service branch of Canadian Wintersports.

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