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The Next Lap with XC Ottawa Race Team, New Season 2023-24 Mission Statement (The First Lap Coaching is a new service of Canadian Wintersports Inc./

With another ski season winding down, it is time to review options for your next lap. On the competitive side of cross-country skiing, 550 racers from across Canada attended ski Nationals in Thunder Bay earlier this month. The fields were very large in the younger race categories (U18 and U16), with 80 + athletes in the female and male categories. For the older categories, those numbers are significantly less. At The First Lap Coaching, we want to keep more skiers training and competing in Canada. Therefore, when looking for partners to help with this goal, we found a group with a proven track record - XC Ottawa.

The XC Ottawa Race Team has been an inspiring team for many years. Formed in 2001, this team has contributed significantly to the ski community in Ottawa and nationally. The team has helped many post-university and training centre athletes continue to train and compete in cross-country skiing. A couple of weeks ago, we announced our partnership. The response has been excellent. We have had offers from wax techs, interested varsity athletes, and masters athletes. The common thread is that people want to keep training and racing. Awesome! Through this partnership, we hope to create an option that adds capacity and is sustainable. See our program outline below and join our information meeting on March 31.

Here is a brief outline of what we aim to offer in 2023-24:

  • Gatineau-Ottawa training group

  • Summer Program (Varsity athletes) - remote or in-person

  • Race Support (Canada Cups, Nordiq Cups, Loppets, others)

  • Group Training Plans

  • Individual/Personal Coaching

Key Detail

Although XC Ottawa will have an Ottawa-Gatineau-based training group, the team is open to people living in other regions. Athletes outside the region can connect with the team for training camps, weekends, and race trips. Further, these athletes may have a personal coach or receive remote coaching through XC Ottawa and Canadian Wintersports/The First Lap Coaching.

More Information:

1) Information Meeting by video call, Friday, March 31 - from 7 pm to 8 pm,

email to be added to receive the meeting link invitation

2) Request information by email or by a personal call,

If you want to join or discuss the team more, don't hesitate to contact me. We are looking for the following:

  • Athletes graduating from high school,

  • Current varsity skiers,

  • University graduates and

  • Senior skiers.

As well as,

  • Coaches,

  • Assistant Coaches

  • Wax techs

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